6 Little Behavior Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

1.    Interrupting When You're Talking Why you shouldn't ignore it: Your child may be incredibly excited to tell you something or ask a question, but allowing her to butt in to your conversations doesn't teach her how to be considerate of others or occupy herself when you're busy. "As a result, she'll think that she's entitled to other people's attention and won't...

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Fat kids have arteries of 45-year-olds

Obese children as young as 10 had the arteries of 45-year-olds and other heart abnormalities that greatly increased their risk of heart disease, according to US and Australian research using ultrasound tests to take a peek inside. "As the old saying goes, you're as old as your arteries are," said Geetha Raghuveer of Children's Hospital in Kansas City, who led one...

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The importance of stability and consistency when dealing with children’s misbehaviors

Parents are often confused about discipline. According to Dr Christopher Green, a highly respected Australian pediatrician at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children in Sydney, most parents fear they will lose their children’s love if they are firm, when they are more likely to lose their children’s love and respects if they are weak and ineffectual. Dr Green suggests that...

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How to make meal times a war-free zone ?

Make meal times a war-free zone. Turn the dinner table from a nightly battlefield into a place of enjoyment and food discovery. Here are your four rules of engagement if your child is a fussy eater. Rule 1: Timing is everything The timing of your child’s meals is more important than you think. Little appetites don’t last as long as adults’ so...

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9 Things to do Instead of Spanking

Research confirms what many parents instinctively feel when they don’t like to spank their child, but they don’t know what else to do. The latest research from Dr. Murray Strauss at the Family Research Laboratory affirms that spanking teaches children to use acts of aggression and violence to solve their problems. It only teaches and perpetuates more violence, the very thing...

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How to help children cope with feelings and emotions ?

The way we interpret and respond to our feelings has a major impact on our behaviour, choices, and how well we cope with and enjoy life. Giving kids a hand with emotions  You can help your child move from a negative state where they’re feeling upset or distressed to a more positive one – where they feel safe, calm and ready to...

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