How I can help my child overcome shyness ?

Being shy isn't a bad thing in itself — but if shyness is keeping your daughter from fully enjoying and appreciating the joys that go along with being young, there are some things she can do. One of the best ways kids can let go of some shyness is to think of a few simple behaviors they would like to improve,...

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How to help shy kids shine ?

Just as kids come in all shapes and sizes, they come loaded with all manner of different personalities, too! I often see parents who are concerned that, rather than being outgoing and confident, their child is quiet and shy. Being shy isn’t really a psychological problem, though – it’s a natural display of a personality type. Shyness certainly isn’t a...

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Four reasons children misbehave and What to do about it

Children misbehave when one of their basic needs are unmet, and the child behaves in order to get that need met. Sometimes their behaviour is not appropriate, especially when it triggers an emotional response in their parents. Children need to feel loved, powerful, valuable, to belong and free to experiment and explore in order to grow and understand. If your child is...

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How to prevent ear infections when swimming

Prevention of swimmer’s ear requires an understanding of how infection occurs in young children and making sure that we carefully dry their ears after each swimming session. Please note that this does not involve placing anything (such as ear cleaners) into the ear canal as this can actually cause infection.  First we have to make sure that water drains from the...

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How to listen to your child ?

The most valuable gift you can give your child is to listen to the little and big things in their life. Begin early so that the lines of communication will be open during the teenage years. Here's How: Stop what you are doing. Look at your child. Pay attention to your child's nonverbal language. Does the child look happy, sad, afraid? Be silent. Use simple acknowledgement responses...

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