5 Ways to Teach Manners to Preschoolers

Now's the time to show your child the importance of being nice. It's hard to know how polite a preschooler should actually be. After all, it seems like typical little-kid behavior to jump up from the dinner table the second she's gobbled down her nuggets. Or to forget to say thanks when a family friend comes over and brings her an...

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The 10 Most Powerful Things You Can Say to Your Kids

Effective conversation helps parents create lasting, meaningful relationships with their kids. These 10 powerful statements can get you started on your way.   1. I like you. This is a different statement from "I love you." This statement says, "I like who you are as a person." Use them both. 2. You're a fast learner. Learning is natural. Young children are amazing at...

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Common Time-Out Mistakes and How to Solve Them

Could this classic discipline technique actually make the situation worse? Learn what experts recommend, including a new and improved five-step technique for giving time-outs. Time-out certainly sounds like a brilliant fix: A child spends a few minutes sitting alone, and emerges calm and cooperative. Parents often admit that it simply doesn’t work—because their kid fights going to the time-out, cries and...

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How Bad Is That Cough? 7 Bad Coughs to Worry About

Isn't it amazing how many tissues and bowls of soup your family can go through in one season? Don't assume, though, that your child's cough is simply a cold it might be something more serious. Here's when to worry and what to do. 1. The Barking Cough Your child went to bed with a stuffy nose but he's been sleeping peacefully for...

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The Age-by-Age Guide to Raising a Kid Who Cares

It's never too early to teach children to see the significance of giving to people in need.  I REMEMBER the first time my daughter noticed someone who was homeless. She was 4 at the time; we were leaving an airport, and she spotted him sleeping in a cardboard box by the side of the building. She wanted to know if he...

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How to Handle Head Injuries

These head injuries can appear way worse -- or much more harmless -- than they are. So take our crash course in what to look for the next time your child hurts herself. I was less than two steps ahead of my 3-year-old daughter, Jillian, when her foot slipped off our front stairs. Within the seconds it took to grab her...

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