A child’s favourite question “WHY?” is an indicator of their strong desire to construct knowledge and build theories of how their world works. Relationships with loving adults are central to this construction as children intuitively know when their ideas are valued and when their thoughts are being heard. To achieve these important relationships, our teachers' abilities to nurture your child’s social-emotional competence is key. The course of your child’s social-emotional development—whether healthy or unhealthy—depends on the quality of nurturing attachment and stimulation that a child experiences. Numerous research studies show that a relationship with a consistent, caring and attuned adult who actively promotes the development of these dimensions is essential for healthy social-emotional outcomes in young children. We take this research seriously and place your child at the centre of every moment of every day at O’Hana.

We maintain the same teaching group throughout all programs so your child can build strong, loving relationships with their friends and their teachers for these important early years. As our children grow and move from program to program, their teachers stay with them throughout all their years at O'Hana. Teachers and children build warm and responsive relationships with your child, understanding their needs and stimulating their interests as they grow.

Our teacher-child ratio varies depending on children’s age to ensure the best care and education.