O’Hana’s programs are based on the Reggio Emilia Approach, an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education. Your child, their interests, abilities and talents form the core of our programs.


We maintain the same teaching group throughout all programs so your child can build strong, loving relationships with their friends and their teachers for these important early years.


Our classrooms are designed to NAEYC Global standards. Every area is specifically caters for the development needs of each group with harmony and balance considered as important elements in our design.


A Love of learning starts at O’Hana

The Early Years are a period of both great opportunity and vulnerability. The experiences of early childhood set the stage for later health, wellbeing and learning. Many preschool programs overlook this importance and instead build young children’s academic skills in an effort to ensure they are prepared for school. However, a growing body of research demonstrates the strong link between young children’s social-emotional competence and their cognitive development, language skills, mental health and school success. At O’Hana, our preference is for a more open-ended construction of learning for your child. We’d rather focus on developmental goals as well specific learning outcomes and make sure the quality of educational experience is innovative, inspirational and based on your child and his or her interests, abilities and talents.

What makes O’Hana the best choice for your child?

Chúng tôi cung cấp

  • Our Philosophy

    Our approach to learning gives your child a thirst for knowledge and the tools to investigate the world.

  • Language Development

    Spoken language, both English and Vietnamese, are so important to our programs. Questions, explanations, stories, play between friends, and the one hundred different ways children have to express themselves, are central to who we are at O’Hana.

  • Nutrition

    We encourage children to acquire healthy eating habits based on their own appetite and using developmental guidelines.

  • Cognitive Development

    We are interested in your child’s Growth Mindset: how we can create motivated learners who embrace challenge, enjoy discovering and exploring, be imaginative and come up with original ideas.

  • Physical Development

    Our children develop confidence in their physical literacy through a variety of structured and unstructured activities.

  • Social Development

    We focus on social collaboration, where each child and their thoughts and questions are valued and explored.


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Information Technology
Discovery The World
Music and Movement
Expressive Arts
Physical Development  And Health
Social - Emotional Confidence