Collaborative partnerships between teachers and parents mean that we ensure the highest quality of care and education for children. We welcome strong relationship between teachers and families and will seek your advice on all matters relating to your child. We use a variety of methods to achieve this with regular, ongoing two-way communication with families via communication book and email

Parent-Teacher Meetings:  Every six months, we invite parents to meet either as a whole group or individually.  We use these opportunities to discuss our programming ideas or to discuss individual children’s progress.   

Development Reports: In terms two and terms four, we will provide parents with information that shows how their child is progressing.  We call this a Developmental Insight and we use it to decide how to encourage the children’s development.  We will use this document as a focus in our parent-teacher meetings.  

Our O’Hana Website: www.ohanapreschool.edu.vn  and our facebook: www.facebook.com/ohanavn We regularly share photographs of children at play and work.