We welcome strong and collaborative partnerships between teachers and families. We always seek your advice on all matters relating to your child. We use a variety of methods to achieve this with regular, ongoing two-way communication with families via Little Family Room application

Parent-Teacher Meetings:  We invite parents to meet their child's teachers at anytime.  We schedule two formal meetings to discuss your child's individual progress. We use Progress Porfolio to share our ideas.  

Progress Porfolio: In term two and term four, we provide parents with detailed information about your child's progress.  We call this a Developmental Insight and we use it to decide how to encourage individual’s development.  We also use this document as a focus in our parent-teacher meetings.  

Our O’Hana Website: www.ohanapreschool.edu.vn  and our facebook: www.facebook.com/ohanavn We regularly share photographs of children at play and work.