You may enroll your child at any time. Acceptance of enrollments are based on group size and gender ratios. All necessary forms for each child’s file are required to be completed prior to the first day a child attends preschool at O’Hana. Please keep us updated with ongoing immunization records. Special needs children are evaluated individually prior to enrollment. We reserve the right to cancel a child/children’s enrollment if we feel that we cannot meet either the child/children’s, or the parents’ particular needs. 

What your child needs for their first day at O'Hana :

  1. A bag with a change of clothing. All items used by your child should be clearly marked with their name.   
  2. After playing outside, we will change the children’s clothing.  We can not wash these clothes at preschool, so please provide a waterproof dirty clothes bag that can be re-used each day.
  3. A personal cup and/or water bottle, face towel, toothbrush and toothpaste. Please make sure your child’s name is clearly marked on these items. We wash towel everyday and send it home at the end of each week.
  4. Warm layered clothing in the winter. Since we often heat the classroom in winter, it is better if the children wear several layers of light clothing that can be removed or added depending upon the temperature inside or outside.  Also in the winter, please make sure your child wears socks and provide closed in slippers for use when inside the classroom.
  5. When swimming (in the summer), please provide a second bag that contains your child’s swimming suit, a change of clothing and towel.  He/she will also need sunscreen and a hat for use in the swimming pool.