Little kids don't run to schedues, they live in the moment and take pleasure in the simple things. Sometimes they are up and full of beans and some days they are very fussy and difficult to please. This means that our Little Dinosaur schedule needs to be flexible. They have very little attention spans and quickly loose interest. Our activities are mostly sensory as this is how little kids learn, through their sense of touch, their sense of taste, their sense of smell and, last but not least, their sense of hearing. They also learn most by moving. So we'll keep things moving throughout the day. This period of time is full of indoor activities, some are music and movement related and some are sensory and artistic in experience. 

Young children  rely on strong and stable relationships between teachers, children and their families.  For this reason, group size is limited to 10 children with 3-4 teachers.

After all, at O'Hana, we focus on children and their sense of laughter and curiosity. It's all about them!